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PPC / Pay Per Click Management

Our PPC management services optimise your campaigns, resulting in higher click through rates (CTR), as well as reducing ad spend. Getting this right is imperative for any business to achieve the highest possible ROI.

The various PPC platforms provide an quick setup and easily scalable platform to gain new customers, unlike SEO which is a longer process. Despite having to pay for each click, the majority of businesses find that a well optimised Google Ads/Bing Ads campaign to be a profitable and worthwhile endeavour, especially whilst awaiting SEO benefits that take months to materialise. Of course it is essential to engage an experienced PPC management company to ensure your business is achieving the best possible return.

Our pay per click management services are designed to be cost effective and meet our clients’ targets. Once initial testing is complete many clients are extremely satisfied with our pay per click services upon realising it is a profitable and continuous way to generate a significant amount of leads and/or sales for their business.

Normally the best industries in which to utilise PPC are service based businesses, such as plumbers or locksmiths. The searcher in this instance is usually looking for prompt service without too much hassle, and should they find themselves on a relevant landing page after clicking on an ad, the conversion rates tend to be quite high. These businesses tend to find extremely good value for money by running PPC campaigns on a consistent basis, and in conjunction with SEO services, can increase a businesses revenue significantly.

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is Google’s paid advertising platform. By far the largest search engine, it is the most well known, and also has the largest volumes of potential customers.

Bing Ads

Bing has come a long way recently as a search engine, and in fact is larger than most people actually think. It’s pay per click platform, Bing Ads, has a number of advantages over Google Ads, with the lower cost being an obvious reason not to overlook Bing.