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Starting an online business can be an extremely rewarding and profitable venture. Unfortunately, many online stores struggle to gain enough traffic to gain traction. Creating a website without investment in marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation is a huge mistake. Nobody will ever find your website and the products you are offering. A good SEO strategy for your ecommerce site can drive enormous volumes of potential customers to your store via search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We have helped clients operating stores on fully managed platforms such as Shopify to build their search engine traffic to the extent that they are within the top 2% of stores launched in the same week in terms of visitors to their site from search engines.

With every visitor possibly becoming a customer given the relatively high level of intent of search queries, this form of marketing offers a very good ROI.

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Obviously any approach will depend upon how competitive your industry is. We make this assessment during initial consultation. In doing this, we provide our clients with a clear picture in terms of timeframe and expected results over the course of the SEO campaign.

Historically we have been able to consistently deliver results that are far above the expectations of our clients.

SEO Provides Consistent and Sustainable Traffic and Customers To Your Ecommerce Site

The best thing about investing in SEO is that it doesn’t require continual expenditure on paid media. Once results have been achieved they generally remain stable for a sustained period of time. Imagine a steady stream of business coming in regularly. This is what a good, well thought out SEO campaign can achieve.

Another benefit in this is the fact that our work will continue to benefit your bottom line well into the future, even well after your SEO campaign has been completed.

Considering these factors, the best thing an ecommerce business owner could do is invest in a great SEO strategy for their online shop.

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