Why SEO Is Great In A Recession

With recent economic conditions in Australia being challenging for retailers, many people may think it is a good idea to cut back on marketing spend entirely. Obviously if a business needs to save money in the short term this is essential.

There is however a lot of potential upside to using SEO services during an period of economic downturn. This is especially true when taking a medium to long term outlook.

Here are three reasons why SEO is worth looking at during challenging economic times:

  1. Affordability

Search engine optimization is known for being extremely affordable and cost effective. This means it delivers a much higher ROI than other advertising mediums.

Obviously this means it is the best possible option during tough times when cash is hard to come by. A good SEO campaign can be run on a fairly limited budget and mop up the business that is available once decent rankings are achieved.

2. Laser Targeting Ensures Bank For Buck

By going after keywords that are high intent, you can make sure that your investment in SEO is spent only on bringing those to your site who are looking to purchase a product or service you offer.

In the case of a plumber, the best keywords to target would be things such as ’emergency plumbing service’ or ‘plumber in {your city}’. This is because people searching on a search engine for these queries are actively looking to engage the services of a plumber. Combine this with the ability to target individual suburbs and it is an extremely powerful way to vacuum up the limited amount of work that is available.

This is especially valuable as there is little gain to be had from showing display advertisements to people who, despite the fact they might want your product or service, currently have little to no disposable income available to spend.

3. Results Stay Even After Things Improve

One of the best things about achieving high rankings is that one things improve, you’ll be in a prime position on Google’s search results. And it will be even more valuable given that some of your competitors have no doubt gone out of business during the downturn. This of course means even more searchers looking for an alternative business in that industry!

This is definitely one of the most important points. After events such as a recession, there will inevitably be an enormous void to be filled. Whoever positions themselves to take this business during the bad times will benefit enormously when things eventually turn around.



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